anti-Semitism? Tax benefits to new immigrants in Israel

Further to the recent events in the world, and especially the great increase in anti-Semitism in Europe (recently in Argentina and France), the main question regarding immigration ("Oleh") – is at issue again.

For your convenience, the main tax benefits for new immigrants are as follows:

  1. Ten years (10) exemption from tax on foreign sourced income (e.g. capital gains, dividends, interest, rent etc.).
  2. Ten years (10) exemption from declaring foreign sourced income which is exempted (as described in section 1 above).
  3. Ten years (10) exclusion from being considered an Israeli resident company – for a company established abroad and owned by an “Oleh”.
  4. Three and a half years (3.5) of tax credit (which is valued at  thousands of NIS per year).
  5. Adaption Year – Option to be considered a foreign resident for one year from arrival. In case that the "Oleh" decide to stay in Israel, such year will be counted in the 10 year period.